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Graduation Ticket Distribution Policy

Ticket Distribution Dates for 2024

May 13 — Distribution begins; lottery requests accepted
Students can pick up 4 reserved tickets + 2 more. Plus, submit your lottery requests.

May 24 — Last day to submit ticket lottery requests
The ticket lottery will be processed and the tickets will be reserved for students to pick up the following week.

May 28 — Ticket lottery requests distributed 
Students may pick up their 4 reserved tickets. If any tickets remain after the lottery is processed, students may request up to a total of 14 tickets until all tickets are distributed.

Ticket Distribution Policy

Graduation ticket distribution policies for all 4J high schools are set by the director of secondary education in cooperation with high school graduation coordinators.

The Hult Center 

For information about the Hult Center, visit the Hult Center Website.

  1. A ticket is required for every person who enters the hall, including infants. (We recommend scheduling a sitter for children under two years old.)
  2. Tickets are by section. You will not have an assigned seat, but you will have to sit in the section indicated on your ticket. There are three seating sections in the Silva Concert Hall: the Orchestra (main floor), the Mezzanine (middle floor), and the Balcony (top floor). Wheelchair seating is available in all sections and an elevator is available for guests with impaired mobility. 


  1. We do not charge for tickets.
  2. Ticket distribution begins 4 Mondays before the first 4J graduation ceremony (mid-May). All students must be cleared to graduate before they can pick up graduation tickets.
    1. Cleared students can immediately pick up 4 reserved tickets + 2 more.
    2. 4 tickets will be reserved for each potential graduate. These tickets will be held until graduation day. 
    3. Ticket lottery requests can begin immediately, up to a total of 14 tickets per student. Students must be cleared to graduate to request additional tickets. 
  3. Tickets requested through the lottery will be distributed 2 Mondays before the first graduation (or on the Tuesday after Memorial Day). Students may continue to pick up their 4 held tickets and request up to 10 additional tickets until all tickets are claimed.
  4. On graduation day, all remaining tickets, including unclaimed reserved tickets, will be available to all graduates at graduation rehearsal and to the public in the Hult Center lobby 30 minutes before the graduation ceremony begins. Tickets will not be available at the school office on graduation day.

Note: In recent years, we have “sold out” of all graduation tickets. Although some families anticipate large numbers of guests, many of our ceremony tickets go unused every year. Please be prudent when estimating the number of tickets your family will need and return extra tickets to Churchill so that other guests may have the opportunity to celebrate with their loved-ones.